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Today’s narcissist govt: Sonia Gandhi’s jibe at BJP in Independence Day message

Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi took a jibe at the government in her Independence Day wish, a day after a row erupted after BJP dropped Nehru from its Har Ghar Tiranga advertisement in Karnataka. “Friends, we have achieved a lot in the last 75 years but today’s narcissistic govt is busy downplaying the great sacrifices of our freedom fighters and the country’s glorious achievements, which can never be accepted,” Sonia Gandhi’s message read. Congress says Modi misusing partition trauma: ‘truth is Savarkar originated…’

“Congress will not accept any wrong portrayal of historical facts for political gains nor will it allow any insult to Gandhi-Nehru-Patel-Azad based on falsehoods,” Sonia Gandhi said.

Sonia Gandhi’s message comes as PM Modi from the rampart of the Red Fort announced war against corruption and nepotism — in his historic speech on the occasion of the 76th Independence Day. PM Modi said the ‘bhai-batijawad’ in politics has penetrated all many institutions of India eclipsing the talent.

On Sunday, The BJP shared a video blaming jawahar Lal Nehru for the Partition of India in 1947 triggering a sharp reply from the Congress as Jairam Ramesh said the BJP indulged in this politics of Partition only to weaponsie one of the most traumatic historical events. Putting the blame on Savarkar, the Congress leader said, “The truth is Savarkar originated 2 nation theory and Jinnah perfected it. Sardar Patel wrote, ’I felt that if we did not accept partition, India would be split into many bits and would be completely ruined’,”.

Another flashpoint was the Karnataka government advertisement of Har Ghar Tiranga in which Nehru was not mentioned as a freedom fighter. The Congress said the exclusion of Nehru proves the desperation of Karnataka chief minister BS Bommai to save his chair.

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