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Tirupati Temple Trust declares assets, Claims it has over ten tonnes of gold, fifteen billion rupees in cash

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) revealed a list of its assets, including fixed deposits and gold deposits, in a white paper that was published on Saturday. The current trust board’s investment guidelines have been enhanced, according to the TTD, since 2019. The trust further refuted claims made on social media that the TTD board and chairman had intended to invest surplus cash in Andhra Pradesh government securities.

According to the trust, the surplus funds are invested in predetermined banks. TTD stated in a press statement (translated from Telugu): “It is asked that Srivari devotees refrain from falling for such conspiratorial false advertising.

TTD makes extremely transparent cash and gold deposits in a number of banks.” According to the temple trust, it has 10.3 tonnes of gold in deposits worth more than 5,300 crore in nationalised banks.

It has a 15,938 crore rupee cash deposit.

According to TTD, the entire value of its assets is 2.26 lakh crore, according to the Times of India. The Times of India quoted TTD executive officer AV Dharma Reddy as saying that the temple trust’s net worth had increased to 2.26 lakh crore. “In 2019, TTD invested 13,025 crores in fixed deposits with different banks; as of today, that amount is 15,938 crores. The investment climbed by 2,900 crores over the past three years “Mr. Reddy stated to the journal.

TTD has a gold deposit of 7339.74 tonnes as of 2019 and 2.9 tonnes have been accumulated over the previous three years, according to bank-wise investments revealed by the trust.

960 properties totaling 7,123 acres are among the temple’s assets, according to TOI.

According to TTD Rules, it had only invested in Scheduled Banks at the H1 rate of interest, the TTD stated in a status letter.

The temple receives donations from followers as well as from organisations, companies, and corporations.

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