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Thrissur  Catholic Archdiocese  disowns the article criticizing the Prime  Minister  and BJP appeared in the Catholicasabha ,

 Thrissur, Nov  5  (IVC)    An article under  the caption “Will  not  forget Manipur” appeared  in the November edition of the  Catholicasabha,  the  mouth piece  of  the  Archdiocese, severely  criticizing the  Prime Minister of India  and the Bharatiya  Janata  Party (BJP) , was disowned by the archdiocese  here  today.

                The  November edition of the newsmagazine, Catholicasabha  of  the Thrissur  Archdiocese of the Catholic  Syro-Malabar Church  has  come down heavily on the BJP , the Government at the Centre and the Prime Minister , Narendra Modi  and BJP’s likely candidate of the Thrissur  Lok Sabha

Constituncy, noted  film star Suresh  Gopi  for  their  apathy in handling Manipur riots.

                In a front  page article captioned ‘Will  not  forget Manipur’, the archdiocese said  the people  

 who believe in democracy can understand the  meaning of  the Prime Minister’s classical  silence on  the Manipur  issue.

                “As  the  Lok  Sabha elections  are  nearing ,  there  is  an effort  to hide  the  Manipur  issue.  The political  party which aspires  to  come  to  power at  the  Centre  once  again is  taking  efforts  for  this”, the article said.  

                A BJP  leader who wants  to take Thrissur said  “the people    ‘  here  need not be worry about Uttar  Pradesh  and Manipur  as there are vivacious boys( Chunakuttikal ) to handle  issues there” it  continued. 

                Ridiculing the  reported  statement Mr  Suresh  Gopi, the article asked  him  when Manipur  was burning  what were those vivacious boys  doing there .

                Responding to  the criticism  of the Thrissur Archdiocese  of  his  recent remarks  about  the  Manipur issue , Suresh  Gopi here said on Nov 4 he  does  not  have  any  regrets  about  his  comments. “There  is no   change in my  stance. The archdiocese  has the freedom  to  express its opinions”, he  added.

                The  ordinary  faithful here  are shocked to hear the reported statement of the archdiocese.

Though  the  monthly news magazine of the archdiocese started recently  it  has a circulation of well  over one lakh,  the archdiocese sources said.

The  print  line  of  the Catholicasabha  read  :  Printed  and Published by Fr  Davis  Thekkekara, Managing  Editor Fr Raphael  Akkamattathil , Editor   Fr  Paul Peramangalam and marketing Director   Fr Antony  Ammuthan.

                Certain senor  prelates  and priests here  described as  strange the  disowning of  the  article

passing the  buck  on   to  the   writer  of the  article  and they said it was tantamount to “plagiarism’.

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