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Three  explosions at Kalamassery  near  Kochi

Kochi,  Oct  29  (IVC )  One  woman died and other  36  persons , including woman and children suffered injuries in  the  bomb explosion at  the Kalamassery  convention  centre near  here  at 0930  hours today. The  bomb explosion occurred immediately  after  half-an  hour since  the  starting of  the  prayer meeting.

Police authorities said  it  was due  to  IED  bombs  which  connected  to a tiffin care that exploded  and injured   36  persons  besides  killing a woman on the spot.The explosions occurred when a prayer  meeting of Jehovah    Witnesses  were  going  on and it is estimated  that over 2000  persons attended the prayer  meeting.

Among  the  injured,   one  woman and two children  were  in a critical condition, the  police said. Sixteen  injured  were  admitted  to  the Kalamassery  Medical  College  Hospital   of which six are in the intensive  care  unit. Police  sources said that  at least   three times  explosions  occurred  though  the eye-witnesses  said this  correspondent   that they    heard  the  sound  of  explosions  for  seven  times.

                The  official  sources said  more  than one bomb exploded  at the convention centre. Twenty injured were admitted to the private  nursing  home  at  nearby  Aluva   police said.

The  official  sources said that  it was  not  yet confirmed  that the explosions were by the terrorists or accidental occurrence.

                The Chief  Minister Pinarayi  Vijayan described the mishap  as  most unfortunate. NSG, INA  and Anti-terrorist Squad  have  been deployed for  the investigation in the incident, official  sources said.

                CPM  party  leaders said  that  it  was   a planned attack by the terrorists  to    divert  the attention from the Palestine conflict  as Kerala  Government wholeheartedly  supported the Palestine cause. Further  details  of  the  explosions  were  awaited.

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