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The Lokayukta Amendment Bill was referred to the subject committee

The much-controversial Lokayukta Amendment Bill was left to the subject committee.The Lokayukta Amendment Bill was referred to the subject committee after a protracted debate in the House. Minister P. Rajeev and Opposition Leader V.D. Satheesan argued in the House about the bill. The Lokayukta Amendment Bill was criticised by Mathew Kuzhalnathan and others. However, the government chose to hand the measure over to the relevant committee.

The key point brought up by the opposition in the House was how the executive might review the decisions made jointly by the Lokayukta and Upalokayukta. There were no models like Lokpal when the Lokayukta Act was introduced in 1998, according to Law Minister P Rajeev in front of the House. According to the government’s justification, modifications will be made to the statute to reflect the Lokpal.

The opposition’s objections to the Lokayukta Amendment Bill, according to Speaker MB Rajesh, would not be upheld. As required by law, Lokpal makes modifications. It is both a statutory and constitutional bill. The administration decided to change the original statute for political reasons. The Government has the authority to alter the provisions of the Ordinance, the Speaker further outlined in front of the House.

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