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The judge granted bail to Civic Chandran in sexual assault case have been transferred

Four district judges including Kozhikode District Judge S. Krishnakumar, who granted Civic Chandran anticipatory bail in the sexual assault case, were also transferred. The High Court Administrative Division issued the transfer decree.

The Kollam Labor Court’s presiding officer was appointed as Krishnakumar. S. Muralikrishnan, a district judge in Mancheri, was chosen instead. The Add.district judge from Ernakulam, C. Pradeep Kumar, was appointed as the Mancheri district judge, and the presiding officer of the Kollam Labor Court, Dr. C.S. Mohit was also appointed. in Eranakulam.

The judge’s statement that the complainant was dressed in sexually suggestive attire and that a Section 354 prima facie case could not be made was controversial.

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