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The guests from Namibia starts taking Indian food in Kuno

On Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday, eight cheetahs were brought to the nation and given Indian food. Cheetahs are fed 2 kg of beef as soon as they land in India. On Sunday night, all but one of the cheetahs consumed the meal offered. It is not unusual, according to officials, to not finish the entire meal.

Cheetahs between 30 and 66 months old have entered the nation. The evil guys have adjusted to the circumstances in India. Every three days, they eat.

After seven decades, the once-extinct cheetah has made a comeback. The Kuno Forest is home to eight Namibian cheetahs. Cheetahs can dwell in Kuno because of its topography and surroundings. Three male and five female cheetahs were transported by helicopter from Gwalior to Kuno.

A memorandum of understanding between the two nations outlines plans to send 16 cheetahs to India. A project that was started in 2009 to bring back extinct wildlife and habitats is reintroducing cheetahs. The final cheetah in India was slain by Maharaj Ramanuj Pratap Singh in 1947. In 1952, India declared the Asiatic cheetah to be extinct.

The cheetahs now have a new home thanks to the relocation of over 150 families. Around 20 villages in the vicinity of the Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary provided the family with their new homes.

Cheetahs have disappeared, according to studies, as a result of habitat degradation, overhunting, and other factors. In 1992, cheetahs were formally declared extinct. Only three female and five male cheetahs are shipped to India. The cheetahs will be released into a designated 740 square kilometre region after a 30-day quarantine.

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