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The Govt does not protect small entrepreneurs: K Sudhakaran

According to KPCC President K Sudhakaran MP, the government and Left Front-controlled local government entities are pursuing a strategy of stifling small business owners. The situation of the couple, who were compelled to leave their homes because of the furniture industry in Thalassery, is the fault of the Industries Department and the Municipal Corporation. This episode, according to Sudhakaran, disproves the government’s assertion that Kerala is an investment-friendly state.

While the CPIM ruling committee’s decision to close the shop was contentious, the administration is attempting to win favour by permitting the shop to open. Government assistance should no longer be limited to wealthy individuals. Small business development and protection are crucial.

According to Sudhakaran, efforts should be made to entice more investments and businesses to the state while also creating a favourable climate for locals to establish and manage successful businesses.

It is important to have a holistic strategy to sustainable development that involves both small and large business owners. It is not about changes in the ranking list; rather, we can only achieve the goal of investor friendliness when we improve the working and living conditions for our businesses. The Left movements, including the CPM, should be ready to give up their narrow viewpoints and punitive actions in order to achieve that. Sudhakaran emphasized that the current state of affairs in Kerala does not permit that, as evidenced by recent events.

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