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The government has launched “Operation Shubhayatra” in response to complaints about illegal recruitments and visa fraud

Expat Malayalis can now directly report their complaints about fraudulent visa applications and unauthorised foreign employment. As part of Operation Shubhayatra, which the Kerala Police, NORKA, and the Protector of Emigration at the Ministry of External Affairs are jointly carrying out, a 24-hour helpline number and email IDs have been established. These are defined by the Kerala Police. Email addresses and as well as the helpline number 04712721547 are available for non-residents to file complaints.

After visa fraud and employment fraud were discovered, a joint meeting was called with the Chief Minister, NORKA Roots, the Protector of Emigration in the Ministry of External Affairs, and Kerala Police. As a result, the state government made the decision to carry out Operation Shubhayatra.

With the aid of the Indian Embassy and expat organisations, the NORKA Department and NORKA Roots are currently taking urgent action to return those who have been trapped abroad due to bogus recruitment and human trafficking. Additionally, extensive awareness campaigns against illegal hiring and visa fraud are being planned. The introduction of a comprehensive system allows non-residents to file complaints directly and pursue legal action in addition to this.

Currently, measures are being taken in response to confidential information regarding human trafficking through airports and coastal areas. In order to stop social media recruitment scams, the police’s cyber division’s services are also being used. Additionally operational is the State Cell, which is led by the IG of the Crime Branch. Under the direction of the nodal officer, anti-human trafficking units have also been established in all police districts.

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