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The government and the governor are in collusion: VD Satheesan

Opposition Leader V.D. Satishan criticised the government and Governor Arif Muhammad Khan. According to Satheesan, the governor and the government have a mutual understanding. In connection with it, Kannur University reappointed V.C. VD Satheesan questioned whether the governor himself had chosen the vice chancellor, whom the governor had referred to as a criminal.

When the VC at Kannur University was reappointed, the opposition leader requested Kodiyeri Balakrishnan clarify whether the governor was a Sangh Parivar agent or your agent. On the basis of the appointment made by Kerala University, the governor has now established a search committee. A representative has not yet been appointed by the government. Government and governor negotiations are always open to resolution. That is why the opposition did not join the party, he clarified.

If the government or the governor acts illegally, the opposition will question it. According to VD Satheesan, the opposition is pleading with the governor not to sign the university and lokayukta laws. He said that the University Act is being amended to make their beloved ones, and puppets vice-chancellors and randomly appoint teachers.

The amendment is not meant to lock up the governor. By turning universities into government agencies and removing their autonomy in academic concerns, the government is attempting to lower the standard of higher education. Even the thesis’s original plagiarist was hired as a teacher. Disqualified B.A. students received entry to the M.A. programme. This is what takes place in academic settings. Party members are appointed as teachers, employees, and members of the Board of Studies. There has never been a moment when universities have been so political, according to the head of the opposition.

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