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The circular against the Vizhinjam project will be read in churches

In the protest against the building of the Vizhinjam port, the Latin Archdiocese adopts a stern stance. Churches will read a second circular against the project that Archbishop Dr. Thomas J. Neto sent to the faithful today during mass. Beginning on Monday, a fasting strike will be observed under the direction of priests.

Until the seven demands are met, the strike should be actively pursued. Despite repeated conversations, the authorities never provided a firm response. Archbishop Dr. Thomas J. Neto, in the circular, also accused the government of testifying in court against the fishermen and the port contractors.

Tomorrow will witness the start of both the blockade strike and the hunger strike. Archbishop Dr. Thomas J. Neto and former Archbishop Susapakyam are in charge of the fast. In accordance with the court order, they are not to cross the barricades and enter the port to participate in the upcoming protests, according to instructions from the Latin Archdiocese of Thiruvananthapuram.

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