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Teenager jailed in Kollam after woman dies from epilepsy she contracted during sexual activity

The decomposing and naked body of a woman was discovered in a deserted railway facility in Chemmamukku here, leading to the arrest of a 24-year-old teenager.

The teen admitted to the authorities that he met the woman on December 29 at Kollam Beach. He then led her to a nearby abandoned railroad structure. The woman started having seizures after they had intimate intercourse. According to the statement made by the accused to the police, the man left her there after the incident. She had been missing since December 29 and was a native of Keralapuram.

In the interim, the youngster was apprehended on December 31 while the Kottayam police were out on night patrol. He was detained after being seen using a cellphone in an unusual setting. He claimed to have found the phone abandoned and picked it up. The young woman’s home was reached when police attempted to phone the mobile at the number they had seen on it. The owner of the phone was missing, and a complaint had been made about it, according to information provided to the police by the woman’s family. The police seized the phone before releasing him.

The mobile phone was subsequently given to the woman’s family when they arrived at the Kottayam police station. They turned the item over to Kundara police, who they had already reported missing. However, the inquiry did not make any noteworthy advancements.

Police searched for the young man and again took him into custody when the woman’s body was found inside the vacant building on Wednesday morning. Only then did he admit to meeting the woman on December 29 to the police.

When a bad scent started to come from the area, the nearby citizens launched a search and discovered the woman’s body in the abandoned structure. There were only a few remnants of her clothing nearby, and the body was discovered naked.

Although the police were informed that the woman had arrived in Kollam Beach, the investigation came to a standstill when they were unable to advance the case. The dog squad and fingerprint specialists went to the scene and gathered proof.

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