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Swapna Suresh’s fake certificate maker arrested

It was discovered who created the bogus degree diploma for gold smuggling suspect Swapna Suresh. Amritsar native Sachin Das was taken into custody. The suspect was detained by the Cantonment Police. Swapna Suresh was given a bogus certificate to work in the space park. The appointment came with a salary of Rs. 3.18 lakh per month.

The recruitment of Swapna in the IT department of the space park was gained using phoney certificates, the police have already discovered. 

She received a degree in commerce from the Maharashtra Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Technological University thanks to falsified documents.

According to the document, the investigation was finished between 2009 and 2011. A case has been filed for violating the Information Technology Act and IPC sections 198, 464, 468, and 471. The police arrived at the institution right away to inspect the documents and discovered they were fraudulent. The Amritsar native was then taken into custody.

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