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Suresh Gopi, Shashi  Tharoor and the press

By  Our  Special  Correspondent

Thrissur, Oct  28  (IVC)    A  controversy   has  erupted out  of  nothingness  slinging  mud on the  noted  cine  star  and former   M P,  Suresh  Gopi  and    the   Congress leader  Shashi  Tharoor  M P, former international  civil  servant, over  the   former’s misbehavior  with  a  woman journalist and latter’s  speech  at  Kozhikode.

                The  allegation against   Tharoor was  that  he described  Hamas a  terrorist organization, while  delivering  his  keynote  address in  an  event  organized  by  the Indian Union Muslim League on the  Beach at  Kozhikode on October  26.

                Coming  to  the  misbehavior  of  Suresh  Gopi  with  a woman journalist  (reportedly  the  accused placed  his  hand  on the  shoulder  of the victim) lacked  credibility   in the  allegation.

No  man would  attempt  to  misbehave  with  a  woman journalist  in  the  presence of  others. According  to  media  reports,  the  alleged  misbehavior place   took    when  the  woman journalist  put  forward  inconvenient  questions  before  which  provoked  to  misbehavior. Suresh  Gopi   apologized  with the journalist, he  added,  it  was  done  with  the  affection of  a  father  to  her  daughter.

                Following  the  apology  of Gopi, the  allegation of misbehavior  remained  a gasless cylinder.

                Under  the  circumstances,  it  would be observed  that  the allegation lacked  substance  and if the allegation was credible  and  maintainable,  the journalist should have  lodged   a complaint with  the concerned police  station then and there.

                It  has  every  reason for one  to believe  that the  allegation against Gopi was  emanated out of  conspiracy  with  a view  to tarnishing the cine star’s image.  No  one  would  misbehave  with  a woman  journalist   in  the  presence  of others  and if so  the victim would not  hesitate  to lodge  a complaint  with the police  then and there.

                The  allegation of  journalist  pointed   the fingers  to  the “narrow mindedness”  of the journalist  and  the apology  showed the “humility  and broad-based  mindedness of Suresh  Gopi.     Gone  were the   days that “journalism  is  the  intelligent anticipation of events” But  now  no  intelligence,  but  only anticipation. Coming  to  the  allegation that Shashi  Tharoor supported Israel  by  branding Hamas as  terrorist organization was  also  baseless  and untrue.

                Delivering  his  keynote  address in Kozhikode  at  a meeting organized to  express  solidarity  with  the Palestine people he said  “While 1400 Israelis  died  in the Hamas  terrorist  attack,  many  more  were  killed in  Gaza  when Israel responded  to it”.

                Tharoor  accused    of  violating  international agreement on war such  as Geneva Convention while  pounding Gaza .  Tharoor had severely  criticized Israel  of its  bombardments on  Gaza  and stopping supply  of  water, food  and gas  to  Gaza.    

                The  allegation that  Tharoor  branded Hamas  a terrorist  organization  was  absurd  and  baseless. Tharoor  countered the allegation  saying it was separated a “single’  word  from his long  speech  supporting  Palestine  with  a view  to  tarnishing his image as a national  leader.

                At  this  juncture,  one  is reminded  of what    late  V K Krishna Menon had  described the  pressmen in India in 1960s, he had said often “  When  I said, I ate a banana, you  pressmen  will write  that  I was eaten  by  banana”.   This maxim still  holds  good  in the  case  of pressmen in India.

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