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Supreme Court to Live-stream, Today’s Order Regarding Freebies

For the first time ever, a Supreme Court ruling on political freebies will be webcast live today to commemorate the final day of outgoing Chief Justice NV Ramana. For the first time, streaming will be used to view Supreme Court hearings and decisions in about 20 cases.

A Supreme Bench announcement stated that today starting at 10:30 am, the NIC (National Informatics Centre) webcast platform would be livestreaming the proceedings of the Ceremonial Bench, or the court of the Chief Justice.

The order that pertains to a petition asking for the deregistration of political parties that offer freebies ahead of elections will be the most significant. These are not freebies, according to several political parties, but rather public welfare policies.

As the petition asks the Supreme Court to revisit its decision in a related case from 2013, the court will determine whether to assign the case to a new bench. The Supreme Court questioned the Centre on Wednesday as to why it had not called an all-party meeting to tackle the “serious issue” of political party handouts.

According to the Supreme Court, nothing could be done unless all political parties agree that freebies will ruin the economy and must be prevented.

“There must be discussion. There is no denying the seriousness of the situation. Why do not all political parties convene, and why can’t the Indian government call for such a meeting? “The judge stated.

A retired Supreme Court judge was nominated to serve as the committee’s chair in the petition.According to Justice Ramana, “A retiree or someone who is planning to retire has no value in this nation. That’s the issue.

The bench noted that the major issue was deciding who would lead the committee.

“In the end, only political parties, not individuals, will make pledges and run in elections. Imagine that if I contested, I might not even receive ten votes “said the Chief Justice.

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