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‘Super Vasuki’: Indian Railways’ 3.5-km-long freight train with 295 wagons

Indian Railways ran Super Vasuki, five loaded train long haul on 15th Aug 2022 as a part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Celebration. The effort came from South East Central Railway, which ran the massive 3.5-km-long train with 295 wagons carrying 27,000 tonnes.

Super Vasuki carried coal from Korba in Chhattisgarh to Rajnandgao in Nagpur on August 15, as part of the Independence Day celebrations. The train left Korba at 13:50 and took 11.20 hours to cover the distance of 267 km. Five goods trains were combined into one rake to create the train.

The freight train gets its name from Vasuki, the Hindu god of serpents. Shiva’s snake, Vasuki, is portrayed as being around his neck. The snake is said to have a gem on his head called a Nagamani.

The national transporter claimed that this is the longest and heaviest freight train that the Railways has ever operated, and that it crosses a station in around four minutes.

According to officials, the Super Vasuki carries enough coal to operate a 3000 MW power plant for a whole day. This can transport three times as much coal in a single trip as the 90-car, 100-ton rail rakes that are now in use.

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