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Suicide bid by family of 4 in Karnataka claiming harassment by BJP MLA, family

Four people from the same family attempted suicide by consuming poison in Karnataka’s Haveri district after alleging they were harassed and suppressed by BJP MLA Nehru Olekar and his children.

Pandappa Lamani (70), Guruchappa Lamani (72), Gangavva Kabbur (65) and Hanumanathappa (41), attempted to commit suicide by consuming poison on their own cultivated land. All of them were shifted to Davangere hospital for further treatment.

They alleged that BJP MLA Nehru Olekar and his family harassed and suppressed the victims over a land dispute issue.

The MLA and his family demanded that the victims give five guntas (South Asian measure of area) of land each at a throw-away price. The government allotted that land to the farmers under the Akrama Sakrama scheme.

A total of 29 people benefited from this scheme in the village. Each of them received one acre and 15 guntas of land. The MLA had demanded that each of them return guntas to him.

People protested against this and refused to return the land.

People have alleged that the MLA didn’t even allow officers to conduct surveys on the land. He even warned the labourers not to work on their cultivated lands.

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