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Struggling to pay off a debt of Rs 40 lakh, a family of three sets themselves on fire

In Thiruvananthapuram’s Kaniyapuram neighbourhood, three family members were found dead on Friday. Rameshan, 48, a native of Padinjattumukku, along with his wife Sulaja Kumari, 46, and their daughter Reshma, 23, were all found dead.

In the bedroom, three people were discovered dead from fire. The family may have committed suicide as a result of heavy debt loads.

Eight years ago, the family took out a small personal loan of Rs 12 lakh from a private lender. Now, with interest, the debt was enormous—Rs 40 lakh.

Rameshan, who was employed abroad, only arrived in the state on Thursday. The father of Rameshan and Sulaja frequently borrowed money in order to immigrate abroad.

Rameshan was, however, unable to repay the loan because of the enormous interest payments owed.

Their residence was routinely visited by creditors who wanted their money back. To a total of 22 persons, the family owed money.

The family thought about selling their property, but the creditors were against it. After the sale of the property, they thought Rameshan and his family would flee with the money. Certain would-be buyers pulled out of the agreement after some creditors brought a lawsuit against him.

Rameshan promised family members upon his return from abroad that a loan had been approved and would soon be used to pay off the debt.

According to relatives, the family even ate dinner together on Thursday. However, the couple later locked themselves in the bedroom with their daughter and set themselves on fire.

The son of Rameshan wasn’t at home at the time.

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