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South Korea plans to be the first country to introduce 6G network, by 2028

On Monday, South Korea declared that it would build its own 6G network utilising cutting-edge software-based next-generation mobile networks, top-tier hardware, and strengthened network supply chains. The Korean Ministry of Science and ICT made the announcement.

Local businesses will be given incentives by the South Korean government to provide the supplies, parts, and machinery needed to build its 6G network. In order to support such network, it also intends to improve its supply chain. Core 6G technology is the subject of a feasibility study that is already under progress. The project costs 625.3 billion won(), which is around 482.1 million dollars.

South Korea hopes to introduce 6G technology before the rest of the globe with this plan. The fourth-largest economy in Asia, South Korea, was responsible for 25.9% of all 5G patents in 2022, while China was responsible for 26.8%. The South Korean government is aiming to outperform the competition by at least 30% in 6G patents.

According to Zhang Yongtao, deputy general manager of Ericsson China Technology Department, 6G would merge virtual and real worlds. He contends that holographic communication will become a reality thanks to 6G.

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