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South Indian actresses with skill who double their earnings

By Aneesh Mohanan

There are brilliant heroines who quadruple their paychecks in the movie industry in addition to actresses who have become well-known for their attractiveness. Now, let’s read this and discover their identities.

Keerthy Suresh

Not to mention Keerthy Suresh, who has become well known for being a talented actress. She has a busy acting schedule. It is well known that Keerthy Suresh has earned more than four crores for a single movie in this order. On the other side, she established her own skin care brand called Bhumiputra while working on the Ammadu movie, producing natural products and earning millions of rupees each month.

Kajal Aggarwal

The Tollywood star Kajal Aggarwal, also known as Chandamama, recently found love and wed. A boy was born to her. Having started the second innings, Kajal Aggarwal will have plenty of opportunities. She runs a jewellery business in addition to being a heroine. Moreover, it amasses enormous amounts of property.


Tamannaah has a well-deserved reputation as a milky beauty, thus it is unnecessary to mention her talent. With just one film, Tamannaah became the largest blockbuster, and the business adjusted its metrics as a result. She is currently quite active in Tollywood, Bollywood, and Kollywood, but she has also established herself as a successful businesswoman. Tamanna also possesses two handfuls of diamonds, according to the information that was provided. operates a company called White and Gold.


Without mentioning Ileana, who is known as a Goan beauty. Ileana is currently restricted to social media despite having made films in her own distinctive style. Ileana intends to own a bakery and restaurants in Goa once she has enough money. It is well known that Ammadu will only advance in her life with the money from it.

In addition to them, many heroines in the industry are settling down by increasing the amount of money they have made.

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