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Soumya  Viswanathan’s   murder  case  posted  to  Nov 07

By  our  Legal  Correspondent

New    Delhi,  Oct  27  (IVC)  The  Additional  Sessions Judge  here, Ravindra Kumar  Pandey adjourned on  Oct  26, the  sensational murder  case  of   Soumya Viswanathan  to  Nov  07  for hearing  to decide  the quantum  of  punishment  to the  accused  five  persons in the case.

                The case was adjourned  for  not  submitting  the  affidavit on behalf  of  the  convicted  showing their  social, economic  and  mental  background .

                The  prosecution submitted  before   the  court that  the delay  was  caused  following holidays  due to Dassara and  the court  directed  the  prosecution  to  make ready   the affidavit  in 24  hours  and submit it  before  the  court  in three  days.

                  The  25-year-old  TV journalist  Soumya  viswanathan  was  shot  dead  on Sept 30, 2008 in  the  wee hours while  she  was  returning  home  after  the day’s  work in her  car  and the accused intercepted  her  car  and committed  the  felony.

                The  court had  convicted five accused  in n the murder  case  on Oct 18.  The  convicted are Ravi  Kapoor, Amit  Shukla, Balajith Malik  and Ajaykumar. 

                The fifth accused  Ajay Seth  was convicted  under   Section 411  of the  Indian penal Code  for receiving  the  stolen  property. The  other  four  accused were  convicted  under  Sections 302   and 34  of the Indian Penal Code  and under the  Maharashtra   Control  of  Organized  Crime  Act .

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