SMC  permits civil marriage before the  solemnization of  the sacrament of marriage in the Church

By our  religious  Correspondent

Kochi, Nov 07  (IVC)   The Syro-Malabar  Church (SMC)  has  allowed Catholic  couples  to register civil  marriage before solemnizing   it  in the ChurAch , Church’s Chancellor  Fr Abraham  Kavilpurayidathil said  here  recently.

                “This  is  not   for everyone.  It  is meant for  those  who  live abroad or who want  to  move  abroad  with  their  prospective  life  partner”, he  added.

Catholics “who for  serious  reasons such  as obtaining a  family  visa  to  foreign countries  find  it  necessary  to  register  their  marriages under relevant civil law” before sacramental marriage  can  apply seeking permission  for  such registration, said  in a  decree issued  by the Cardinal George  Alencherry , the major archbishop and head  of  the SMC.

                Indian laws allow a  couple   to move  abroad  as husband and wife  only  if  their marriage is  registered  wwith the appropriate  civil authorities. Couples  who  get  married  in  the Church  later register  with civil authorities  to  start  the  process of moving abroad, Fr  Abraham said. 

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