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Shone George tried to divert the actress assault case; Crime branch raided the house

Shone George, PC George’s son, was also discovered to have been engaged in the actress’s assault case. The raid is associated with the case of fabricating screenshots to deceive investigators. Shone George released the false screenshots, the investigation team discovered.

The criminal branch team arrived at the family dwelling of PC George in Punjar around 8:30 this morning. Amminikuttan, an SP with the Kottayam Crime Branch, and Ullas, an SP with the Thrissur Crime Branch, led the operation. The phone that created the bogus screenshot is being tracked.

The criminal section claims that Shone George attempted to sabotage the inquiry by initially emailing a screenshot to Dileep’s brother Anoop. A WhatsApp group including police officers and a film worker was seen in a screenshot. This was done to demonstrate that Dileep was the target of a plot. The criminal branch, however, discovered that the screenshot was a fake.

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