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Shashi Tharoor praises an ex-colleague for doing the “Right Thing Rather Than Right Wing”

Shashi Tharoor, a Congressman, today commended Khushbu Sundar, a BJP leader and his former colleague, for her tweet criticising the early release of Bilkin Bano case convicts. This is a rare compliment for a leader of another party.

The Gujarat government granted an early release to all eleven of the defendants who were facing life in jail in the Bilkis Bano gangrape case earlier this month. Ms. Sundar criticised the action, calling it a “insult to humans and gender” and saying it was widely condemned by opposing parties.

Mr. Tharoor praised the BJP politician and expressed pride in seeing him stand up for the “right thing, rather than the right wing.”

Retweeting the tweet from Ms. Sundar, a former Congress leader, he stated, “Hear hear, @khushsundar! Proud to see you standing up for the right thing, rather than the right wing.”

In a tweet, Ms. Sundar stated, “A woman who is raped, assaulted, brutalised and her soul scarred for life must get justice. No man who has been involved in it should go free. If he does so, it’s an insult to humankind and womanhood. #BilkisBano or any woman, needs support, beyond politics n ideologies. Period.”

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