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Sharon Murder Case: Greeshma attempted to kill Sharon at college too

According to the investigative team, Greeshma, the accused in the Parassala murder case, also attempted to murder Sharon at his college in Neyyor. Greeshma allegedly attempted to kill Sharon by infusing juice with a large quantity of paracetamol tablets. The investigation team informed the media that Greeshma had acknowledged that the juice challenge at the college was a component of this endeavour.

According to the investigation team, she had more than 50 paracetamol pills with her at the time. The investigating team has taken items from Greeshma’s home, including the powder needed to create the ayurvedic mixture, the tools used to combine the pesticide, a bottle, and the towel used to wipe the pesticide that had spilled over the room’s floor.

The police also admitted that Greeshma’s mother Sindhu and Nirmal Kumar destroyed the evidence after she confessed to her family about Sharon’s death. 

At Parassala in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, on October 25, 23 year old radiology student Sharon Raj pased away after consuming an ayurvedic potion that his girlfriend Greeshma had poisoned.

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