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Shajahan’s assassination; Two people who were taken into custody are missing

Two young people who were detained by the police in connection with the death of CPM local leader Shajahan have been reported missing in court. Natives of Kottekkad, Awaas and Jayaraj, were reported missing by their mothers, who went to the Palakkad District Court. The Advocates’ Commission was chosen by the court after hearing the complaint to conduct the investigation.

The Advocate Commission is inspecting the Palakkad South Police Station in accordance with a court order. On Saturday afternoon, the committee arrived at the police station and got to work on the investigation. Young people’s mothers have also arrived at the police station.

Eight persons have been detained thus far in connection with the murder of Shajahan. Yesterday, the four suspects who had been initially detained in the case were released into the custody of the police. According to the police’s remand report, all of the accused are BJP-RSS followers. Some of the accused had revealed to the media that they were CPM supporters in the meantime.

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