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SC Pegasus hearing: Panel claims government did not cooperate with investigation

The Supreme Court began hearing the Pegasus spyware cases on Thursday, with Chief Justice NV Ramana going over the panel’s three-part report. According to the panel report, the government did not cooperate with the investigation into the Pegasus spyware cases. 

“Some parts of the Pegasus panel report are confidential and may contain private information,” CJI said, adding that the committee believes technical committee reports should not be made public.

According to the report, there was comprehensive evidence of the presence of Pegasus spyware in any of the 29 phones scanned by the Pegasus panel. Some malware was found in five phones, but nothing conclusive to show it was Pegasus.

The Supreme Court stated that it will determine which portions of the Pegasus panel report can be made public before adjourning the case for four weeks.

The report is divided into three sections: one by the technical committee on para 61A of the court’s order with digital images; two by the technical committee on matters on para 61B of the order; and three by the overseeing judge on matters on para 61C.

When the CJI mentioned the government’s “non-cooperation” with the investigation, he said, “The same stand you took here, you have taken there.” The Solicitor General responded that he was unaware of it.

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