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Russia won’t participate in Euro 2024, says UEFA

UEFA has confirmed that Russia will no longer be allowed to participate in Euro 2024 qualifying games.
The ban on Russian national and club teams, which was initially put in place in February 2022 following the invasion of Ukraine, has been extended by the governing body of European football.
It indicates that the country has been disqualified from a second straight international competition after being eliminated from the World Cup qualifying round.
Following the attacks on Ukraine authorised by president Vladimir Putin, FIFA and UEFA have banned Russian clubs and their national teams from competing in football events going forward.

The nation’s World Cup campaign came to an end, and Spartak Moscow’s Europa League run came to an end with the club being eliminated from the competition.

The Round of 16 matchup between RB Leipzig and Russia’s lone remaining club in European competition for the 2021/22 season was scheduled, however the German team received a bye into the round of eight.

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