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Rice prices increase 10 RS. due to Onam Festival

The cost of rice has increased in the state as Onam draws closer. According to traders, the low arrival of rice from other states is the primary cause of the price increase. The price increase was partly influenced by the hoarding of rice for ona trading. Jyoti Matta and white Jaya rice both had price increases on an average of Rs. 8. This category of rice reaches Kerala from Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

The government has begun buying paddy from Andhra farmers at a reasonable price, which is the main cause of the price increase. Prices have increased as a result of states that supply Kerala with rice increasing their exports to international nations. Another setback has been the increase in the GST rate. In some places, the wholesale price of Jaya rice, which was Rs 32 per kg in the month of April, has now risen to Rs 49. Jyoti rice increased in cost from Rs 39 to Rs 49 per kg. Surekha rice is priced between Rs. 34 and Rs. 44.

However, rice prices in the state have not significantly increased, according to Food Minister GR Anil, who stated this during a news conference. The arrival of rice from other states has diminished, thus there is a chance that the price of rice may rise. The minister added that civil supply will offer rice at a price that is less expensive than the open market.

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