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Ranji Trophy: Goa suffers, Kerala responds

Kerala’s decline in bat and ball gave Goa a fresh lease on life. In Ranji Trophy cricket, Kerala’s first innings came to an end with 265 runs. On the second day, Goa had amassed 200 runs while losing five wickets when play was interrupted. The intriguing development today is that Goa would take the lead with five wickets remaining.

Kerala scored 18 runs and had 247 runs at the start of the second day after losing five wickets. Rohanprem, who had 112 runs when he reached the crease, was out after the first ball. Jalaj Saxena (12) and Captain Sijomon Joseph (7) failed to increase the score. Arjun Tendulkar, son of Sachin Tendulkar, took two wickets for Goa. The wickets came from Sijomon and Basil Thampi (1). For Goa, Lakshay Garg took four wickets.

Ishan Gadekar, the opener, and Darshan Misal, the skipper, kept Goa from collapsing with 87 runs for the cost of three wickets. They are both at the crease. Ishan made 76 runs off of 154 balls. Darshan has 37 runs and is in the crease. For Kerala, Sijomon claimed three wickets. Jalaj and Vaishakh Chandran each have one wicket.

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