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Rahul Gandhi’s speech against BJP at mega congress rally

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi spoke today from the podium at the Congress’s massive rally against price hikes, which is taking place at the Ramlila ground in Delhi. He claimed that since the BJP government took office, there has been an increase in hatred throughout the nation. He claimed that fear is driving people into hatred because they are worried about their future, inflation, and unemployment. He continued, “BJP and RSS are dividing the country.”Huge people attended the great old party’s “Mehangai Par Halla Bol rally” despite strict security measures. Before Mr. Gandhi entered the scene and launched his unrelenting attacks against the Prime Minister and the governing BJP, several top party leaders addressed the gathering.

The Congress MP criticized the Prime Minister, claiming that “just two businesspeople” are receiving favours from the government. He claimed that PM Modi’s alleged association with two prominent businesspeople was responsible for everything being under their control, including the airport, the port, and the roads.

“Narendra Modi is moving backwards the nation and stirring up hatred. This is advantageous for Pakistan and China. India under PM Modi has suffered in the past eight years ” he added.

Congress leaders offered a “Dilli Chalo” for the demonstration and conducted press conferences in 22 cities across the nation early this week to mobilise party members for the ambitious event.

Rahul Gandhi stated in a Hindi Facebook post that the major issues the nation is currently facing are unemployment, inflation, and growing hatred.

Gourav Vallabh, a spokesman for the Congress, claimed that the government has been “misusing the CBI and ED” to “suppress the Opposition,” but that the party will continue to speak out against the rising cost of living and the imposition of GST on basic food items.

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