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Protest against Vizhinjam port continue

Protest in Vizhinjam today. There were fights as a result of the demonstrators’ attempts to remove the barricade. The demonstrators crossed the barricade and went inside. The police who attempted to stop him got into a fight.

A temporary order for police protection during the development of Vizhinjam Port was issued by the High Court yesterday. The High Court had also made it clear that the central forces could be contacted for assistance if the police were unable to offer protection.

The High Court made it clear yesterday that protesters do not have the right to obstruct port construction as a form of peaceful demonstration. The court had stated in the interim ruling that the demonstration should only be peaceful and not interfere with the project or the surrounding region. The demonstrators gathered to voice their opposition to the court order even today. The strike committee’s position is that it will go on for a long time.

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