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Principal of SN College denies the authenticity of contentious circular

Nisha Tharayil, the principal of SN College, has stated that she is not involved in a circular that is being sent regarding a student excursion on behalf of the college. The circular, which ostensibly lists the rules for college students to abide by while on the outing, has received criticism on social media. In the midst of this, it is made clear that neither the principal nor the college administration are in charge of this circular.

“It should be me, the principal, who issues circulars on behalf of SN College. It would be on my letter pad if I were to send out a circular. Both the seal and my signature would be there. Currently being distributed is a circular without any of these. I’m aware of no such circular being published. It is accurate to say that college students have taken field trips. On Wednesday, the final batch came back. They haven’t yet complained in any way. Neither the parents nor the pupils complained”, she explained.

Boys and girls shouldn’t sit together, photos shouldn’t be taken, girls should sit in front of the tour bus, the dress code should be followed, girls shouldn’t travel alone, and the girls’ rooms should be locked from the outside after a certain amount of time, are just a few of the 11 instructions in the contentious circular. There was also a threat of harsh punishment if these were broken. When the circular became divisive, the college’s president has offered an explanation.

At the campus entrance, the SFI has erected a banner reading “Sadacharam padiku porathu” in protest against the contentious circular. The SFI’s position is that it will do everything it takes to identify the author of the letter.

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