Potala Palace In Tibet Closed Due To A Covid-19 Outbreak

Tibet has closed one of its most popular tourist destinations, Potala Palace, due to a sudden outbreak of Covid-19 cases. A reopening date has not yet been announced.

China continues to follow a zero-Covid strategy with unprecedented lockdowns, mass testing, and long quarantine periods in order to curb the outbreak.

According to media reports, China had reported 828 domestic Covid cases earlier this week, of which 22 were found in Tibet. All cases were asymptomatic, except one.

This week, after an outbreak, more than 80,000 travellers were placed under strict lockdown in the beach resort town of Sanya, also known as China’s Hawaii. Officials declared a Covid emergency and cancelled all flights and train tickets over the weekend. And travellers were checked to make sure that they tested negative before they were allowed to leave. According to reports, Sanya is facing one of the worst outbreaks in two years as more than 1,500 cases have been reported between August 1 and 9. Spas, karaoke bars, pubs, and other entertainment venues have been closed since last week in the city.

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