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Postmortem report reveals shocking details about the death of a young director

The death of a young female director who worked as an assistant to the late filmmaker Lenin Rajendran has raised suspicions that it was a murder.

The discovery of Nayana Surya’s (28) autopsy report by her friends three years after her death has given credence to the theory. According to the report, strangulation was the cause of death. There were also several injury marks, including one on her neck, which added to the mystery.

Nayana, who spent ten years working as the late Lenin Rajendran’s assistant director, was discovered dead in the toilet of her rented home in Althara Nagar in Thiruvananthapuram by her friends, who came to inquire after she didn’t answer their calls.

Even though the Museum Police reported a case of an unnatural death, the investigation was unsuccessful. According to the police account, Nayana, a diabetic, passed away on her own after collapsing in the restroom.

Her friends ultimately decided to take action when the police investigation took three years and still had not produced a convincing conclusion. They only learned the information after getting their hands on her postmortem report at that point.

There are numerous stunning disclosures in the autopsy report. The police, for their part, have not yet looked into critical issues like how Nayana was strangled and why her body had damage marks.

She even received strikes to her lower abdomen, which caused bleeding, according to the autopsy report. Similar bleeding was detected in her internal organs as a result of the physical attack, including the pancreas and kidneys.

According to the postmortem report, Nayana’s spleen was also burst. All these details raised questions about the possibility of a murder for the young filmmaker.

Police have concluded that the woman committed suicide, in the interim. The police made it clear that the investigation is far from over.

The parents of Nayana Surya are Dinesh and Sheela, both natives of Azheekkal. She was the director of the movie “Pakshikalude Manam” (The Smell of Birds), which is included in the anthology “Cross Road,” a collection of 10 movies. She has also helmed a number of commercials.

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