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Popular Front strike tomorrow in the state

The state committee believed that the NIA’s wrongful detention of the national state leaders of the Popular Front of India was a form of state terrorism. Tomorrow there will be a strike in the state in protest of the fascist state hunt by the RSS-controlled administration to use centralised institutions to crush dissenting voices. The strike is from 6 am to 6 pm.

According to State General Secretary A Abdul Sattar, the NIA raid on the leaders’ homes and workplaces was the most recent instance of state terrorism. Hunting down the Popular Front through centralised organisations is impossible. OMA Salam, the chairman of the Popular Front, National Secretary VP Naseruddin, State President CP Muhammad Basheer, P Koya, a member of the National Committee, and 14 other leaders are detained.

A movement known as the Popular Front is vehemently opposed to RSS fascism. The Popular Front is being pursued by government agencies because they think it stands in the way of the RSS’s Hindutva agenda. He lambasted the Sangh Parivar dictatorship, which is in power in the country’s centre, for utilising investigative agencies to track down the Popular Front as payback for warning about the dangers of Hindutva fascism to the constitution and secularism of the nation.

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