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Pope  Francis blames Western  countries for the rise  of ISIS

By  our  Foreign Correspondent

Vatican City, Nov 03 (IVC)    Pope  Francis, head of the Universal  Catholic  Church  of  137.58  crore  strong, blamed the  Western  countries’  military  interventions for  the  rise  of  the  Islamic  State  terror group  and for the destabilizing  of Libya   and the ensuing migration crisis in the Mediterranean.

                He said recently here  in an interview  for    a new   book   to  be  published  shortly.

                The  Holy  Father said  that  the invasion  of  Iraq and  support  for jihadi groups  in the so-called  “Arab  Spring”  had  created  more  problems than they have solved.

                The  British  and French  support for jihadi groups  in the Libyan  civil  war of  2011, which  led  to the  overthrow  of Muammar Gaddafi, had  particularly   disastrous consequences,  the Pope  said.

                The  instability  that  followed  the  the  conflict has  since allowed  warlords to  traffic  weapons  to  jihadis   attacking  Christians  in  the  Sahel region of sub-Saharan Africa  and criminal  gangs   to  traffic vast numbers  of  migrants across the Mediterranean,  tens  of  thousands  of  whom  have  drowned   during  attempted crossings  to  escape.

                The  Pope also said  that  the invasion  of Iraq    by an American led coalition in  2003  directly led  to  the  rise of  the  Islamic  State  (ISIS)  in Iraq neighboring Syria a decade  later.

                Francis said the  West  was misguided in their  policies to “import its  own type of  democracy” into  countries with  a  political culture  “similar  to”  tribal.  “Let  us  think  about Libya” said the  Pope “A Libyan  told me that they  once  only  had one  Gaddafi, but  now they  have 53”.

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