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Pinarayi’s authority was despised, says K Sudhakaran

K Sudhakaran claimed that the outstanding performance at Mattannur Municipal Corporation was also contributed to by CPIM workers who were fed up with Pinarayi’s haughtiness and corruption. K Sudhakaran expressed his sincere gratitude to the wise people who gave the UDF the priceless acknowledgment of their own conscience.

The outcome, according to Sudhakaran, was a reflection of Mattannur’s evolving politics, which the CPIM maintains is a red fort. LDF won 21 seats and UDF won 14 seats in the 35 ward elections. Seven Left Front wards were taken by the UDF.

Even KK Shailaja, who disgraced Kerala as India’s “Covid hub,” contributed to the UDF’s outstanding success in Mattannur, where people are tired of Pinarayi’s haughtiness and corruption. Through Facebook, K Sudhakaran responded, “The silver light of democracy is filtering through the dark party villages.”

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