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Online job offer; Kerala Police not to divulge ATM PIN, OTP, etc.

The Kerala Police issues a warning to avoid falling victim to online job scams. It is fraud to request an ATM number, PIN, OTP, or other personal information in connection with a job offer, whether it is to pay for registration or not. Scammers who use false part-time employment offers to con people risk losing both time and money. The Kerala Police’s official Facebook page posted the warning in this respect.

Online job offers are increasing. Numerous impersonations are active amid all of this. Some job postings online are obvious frauds. The Kerala Police is educating the public on how to spot bogus employment offers online.

Today’s online occupations are a major source of income for many people. The majority of part-time employment scam victims are women. Always use caution to avoid falling for con artists’ tricks. You will lose time and money if you close your eyes and take advantage of every opportunity you see. The police encourage you to proceed and properly evaluate each opportunity you come across.

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