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One  more  accused  in the Walayar minor  sisters’ death  commits   suicide

By  Our  Correspondent

Kochi,  Oct  26 (IVC)  One  more accused in  the  controversial  minor sisters’  mysterious  death at   Walayar   was  found dead  hanging  in  the  Ernakulam  rural  police  limits  on  October 25.  He  was  the fourth  accused  in the sensational  Walayar  minor sisters’ death  case, police  said.

                Madhu  alias  Kutty Madhu  (33)  hailing  from Walayar   in Palakad  District  was found dead  hanging  in  a hospital    building  a t  Binanipuram near Aluva  in Ernakulam District,  police  said.

The  third  accused  in the Walayar case, Pradeep  Kumar (36)  also  committed  suicide  by  hanging on  Nov  04,  2021 at  his  residence  at  Cherthala  in Alappuzha  Disttrict.

when   the  police  investigation into  the case  was  under  way.

                The  two  sisters aged  13  and  nine were  found  dead  hanging  on the  roof  of  their house Attappalam near  Walayar.  When the  elder  13-year-old  girl  was  found dead  hanging  on  Jan 13, 2017,  the younger  girl  of  nine  years  old   was  found  dead  hanging  on  the  roof  of her  residence  on  March  04, 2017.   According to the neighbors     of the deceased  teenaged girls,  they  could  not   reach  the  roof  of  their house  without   the  help of others.  Hence  the  deaths of minor girls  became  a mystery.

                No  foul  play  is suspected .  Madhu  was  reportedly  confronted   by  officials  of  the  company that  employed  him  over  a  suspected  theft  of  copper wires  and  the  mental  agony  arose  out  of it,  probably led  him  to  commit suicide,  police  said.

                The action  committee  seeking  justice  for  the  victims  and  their  mother have  petitioned  to  the   District  Police  Chief (Ernakulam Rural) Vivek  Kumar  and  the  Central  Bureau  of  Investigation   seeking  a  comprehensive  inquiry  into  the  alleged  mysterious  death  of  Madhu .                 “The  latest  death  is  mysterious .  Documents  nd phone of  the  deceased should  be  seized  immediately.  Such  mysterious  deaths  of  the  accused  in the  Walaya rcase   when  the  investigation  was  under  way  naturally  raised suspicions of  vested interests  at  work”, the petition said.

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