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On the Mar Joseph Pamplany speech, Muraleedharan criticises both Congress and CPM

The assertion made by Thalassery Archdiocese Mar Joseph Pamplani that there is no untouchability with the BJP is applauded, according to Union Minister of State V. Muraleedharan. Additionally, he claimed that when Christian priests speak the truth, they are surrounded and attacked. Why are CPM and Congress so upset? Speaking on their behalf was the bishop. He added that people who labour for their welfare will receive assistance.

CPM and Congress denounced Pala Bishop even as he warned about the narcotic jihad. Bishops in Kerala are being denied their right to free speech by CPM and Congress. They leap if they support the federal government. Minorities are only seen as their bases of support. He claimed that’s why it’s so terrifying.

Why do bishops seem to have such a compulsion to talk about farmers and their own communities? That the BJP shouldn’t be supported is an incorrect stance. The question is not whether rubber prices will rise, but rather whether there is freedom of speech. Chhattisgarh, which is governed by Congress, saw attacks on Christians. Christians disagreed with the Congress campaign accusing Modi of being anti-minority. He added that he believes the Center is acting in the best interests of rubber farmers.

According to Mar Pamplani, the BJP will resolve the issue of Kerala’s shortage of MPs if the support price of rubber is increased to Rs 300. Following this, news of his meeting with BJP leaders surfaced. He pledged to help the rubber industry if the price of Rs 300 was guaranteed while speaking to a farmer’s rally in Alakot.

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