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No Bonus in KSRTC; July’s half-salary will be paid

The government has allotted 50 crore, and if it is received swiftly, the wage distribution at KSRTC will begin on Monday. For the month of July, the remuneration will be split in half. The unions have also stated that they will not purchase the coupon supplied in place of salary.

For just the salaries for July and August, 160 crore rupees are needed. Onam bonus and advance payments are also required. With the funds approved by the government, the previous bank overdraft will be paid off, and a subsequent 50 crore overdraft would be used to pay salaries. For the Onam bonus, there is no money. Another overdraft request for Rs 75 crore has been made to SBI for employee Onam advances.

The CITU stated that they do not trust the management’s estimates of the income and that they will begin a severe strike if a resolution is not made during the debate in front of the Chief Minister.

The CITU leaders met with the Chief Minister and discussed the issue even after the ministerial level session ended in failure. On Monday, there will be a discussion between the union and the chief minister. The Chief Minister’s choice about 12-hour single duty and transfer protection will have an impact on KSRTC’s future and that of its employees.

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