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Newlywed woman murdered by her husband

In Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram, the spouse of a recentlywed woman was slain. Nikhitha (age 26) died. Aneesh, her husband, was detained by the police. The original assumption is that Aneesh used a lamp to attack Nikita. On July 8, they both got married.

Nikhitha is a native of Kitangamparam in Alappuzha. Family members claim that Nikhitha and Aneesh fought last night. Aneesh attacked Nikita with a lamp last night. After that, the family drove Nikita to the hospital.

Ten days ago, Nikhitha and Aneesh, who left for abroad after their wedding, came back. They both travelled here to take care of Aneesh’s medical needs. Relatives reported that they frequently observe fights between the two these days.

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