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Newborn died in Thalassery General Hospital

In Thalassery General Hospital, a newborn infant passed away. The infant of Mattannur Uruvachal locals Bijeesh and Aswathi passed away. The baby’s death, according to the grieving relatives, was caused by the doctor’s carelessness. The occurrence took place this afternoon. The physicians told the family members that the baby had passed away following a cesarean operation. The infant was allegedly not accurately scanned or checked to see if it was moving, according to relatives.

The issue is that after a thorough inspection, they did not attempt to administer the medication. When the scan was conducted internally, there frequently wasn’t an anomaly. Even before the day the physicians recommended, the woman was taken to the hospital when she began to experience agony. Special consideration from the doctors was requested, but to no effect. The woman’s husband, Bijeesh, claims that the baby’s demise won’t be announced right away.

Even after the death was confirmed, the hospital authorities were not ready to show the baby’s body to the relatives. It is said that the baby’s body was ready to be displayed only after the relatives made a fuss. The post-mortem was completed and the body was handed over to the relatives.

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