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NASA gets ready to launch the Artemis I SLS-Orion spacecraft on August 29

The Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and astronaut-transport Orion spacecraft are planned to launch on August 29 as part of NASA’s Artemis I launch, which is now in preparation. After the Apollo missions were completed, the US space agency is getting ready to test its lunar re-entry flight system. NASA is getting ready for the next generation of space flight. The most recent vertical launch system created by NASA is the SLS spacecraft, which the agency uses.

Prior to the planned test flight on August 29, NASA finished an evaluation of the Artemis I launch’s flight readiness earlier this week. The mission’s readiness for launch was certified at a meeting of the flight administrators at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center. On Monday, it’s anticipated that the SLS-Orion spacecraft will launch.Artemis The NASA test flight is the first in a line of ever more challenging missions, and it is only the beginning. In view of NASA’s aspirations to send people back to the Moon and further investigate the lunar surface, the uncrewed flight test will serve as a foundation for human deep space travel.

Following a 10-hour voyage that started from NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building, the Orion spacecraft for the Artemis I mission and the SLS rocket for the Artemis mission arrived at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida last week. The engineers and technicians of NASA are presently preparing the launch pad’s systems for launch, according to NASA. On Monday at 8:33 AM EDT, the SLS-Orion spacecraft is anticipated to launch (6:03pm IST).

Artemis I will put the SLS-Orion spacecraft’s systems through a stress test as part of NASA’s preparations to see if the system is prepared to carry astronauts to the moon, a goal the space agency is trying to accomplish by 2025, ahead of its aspirations to send humans to other planets, including Mars.

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