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Nanjiyamma’s land grab incident will investigate: Minister K Rajan

Revenue Minister K. Rajan said that the land grabbing of Nanjiyamma, a national award winner, is being taken seriously. The Revenue Minister clarified in the House that there are laws to prevent land encroachment and no more than five acres of land can be transferred.

The subject of Nanjiyamma’s land appropriation was brought up in the House by MLA KK Rama. The MLA claimed that in Attapadi, land mafia are encroaching on tribal territories. The revenue authorities are complicit in this, according to KK Rama MLA, who publicly admitted that they are plundering land by fabricating paperwork and threatening the tribal for this reason.

Minister K. Rajan made it clear that the allegations will be looked into by the revenue vigilance. The minister further stressed that the welfare and protection of the indigenous people are also priorities in addition to the land.

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