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Move to intensify strike at Vizhinjam port

The strike of fishermen at the Vizhinjam port is on its tenth day. Today, a motor rally and blockade will be held in the parishes of Kochuveli, Valiyaveli, and Vettukad. Yesterday’s negotiations between the government and the Latin Archdiocese to end the strike fell down.

After the third consensus conference fell short, the Latin Archdiocese is planning to step up its blockade strike in front of the Vizhinjam port gate. A motorcade carrying people from the Kochuveli, Valiyaveli, and Vettukad parishes will arrive at battle field in Mullur at around 10:30 in the morning.

The choice was made to go through the police barriers and enter the project area normally. The Archdiocese asserted that it would not call an end to the strike without acceding to the demand to halt the port’s construction, which caused the consensus talks to break apart. The minister’s assurance that he will find a solution to every issue brought on by the Vizhinjam port was rejected by the archdiocese. Additionally, the protesters demanded that there be an immediate conversation with the Chief Minister.

The strike committee has also planned to stage another sea strike the following Monday in an effort to support the strike.

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