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Mountain flood; The youth trapped in the river was rescued

Mountain flood in Kozhikode and Palakkad. The young people of Koodaranji, Kozhikode, who were stranded in the river as a result of the mountain flood were rescued by locals. The Malappuram district residents Ihsan, Bahir, Afzal, Akbar, and Mirzab, who had had a swim in the Urumi river, were saved.

These friends went swimming in the river below the Urumi hydropower project on Thursday afterward. They were perched on the river rock during a flash flood as it began to rain in the late afternoon. The young people used to make noise and draw attention from the villagers as the water level in the river rose once more.

The Mukkam Fire Rescue Service, Koodaranji Grama Panchayat officials, and Tiruvambadi Police were immediately notified by the locals. The youngsters were restrained and transported to the other side of the river before being rescued in Tiruvambadi panchayat via the Olikal road. Under the direction of Ramya, a police sub-inspector in Tiruvambadi, the rescue effort was carried out. After being warned and fined, the youngsters who had been taken to the station were released with their parents after being called to the station.

Due to a mountain flood, river water from the Palakkad Trauvizhamkunnu Velliar reached residential areas. The nearby mountain flood washed away the iron bridge. The incident took place yesterday night. It is believed that the forest is where the landslide took place. Additionally, the nearby streams overflowed.

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