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Modi’s speech to end gender discrimination

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech, made a strong statement on gender equality and respect for women as important pillar of India’s growth.

He repeatedly stressed on the need to extend support to the country’s ‘nari shakti’.
To ensure unity and solidarity in the society gender equality should be maintain in the family, as the foundation for building.

Hitting out at patriarchal mindset, the PM expressed pain and distress over the use of abusive language against women and sought a commitment from all to ensure women are respected and do not face humiliation.

His speech was marked by an assertion on the importance of women empowerment in India’s development story as it marches forward to join the league of developed countries. Primeminister launched an attack on the inherent patriarchal biases that become evident in the language and behaviour towards women.

“From the ramparts of Red Fort, I also want to share one of my enduring pains. It hurts me to say that we have witnessed a perversion in our day-to-day speaking and behaviour,” he said and added that there is tendency among people to casually use language and words that are insulting to women. “Can we not pledge to get rid of everything in our behaviour, culture and everyday life that humiliates and demeans women?” he asked.

Modi went on to assert that women power is going to be a huge asset in fulfilling the dreams of the nation. “I see this power and therefore I am insistent on it,” he added.

Dwelling on the issue of unity and solidarity, the PM said, “The foundations of unity can be laid in every home only if son and daughter enjoy equality. If the family seeds gender discrimination across its generations then the spirit of unity can never be woven in society. Gender equality is our first stipulation.” he emphasised.

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