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Mobile Network Connectivity Restrictions Are Removed Near Borders by the Department of Telecom

On Tuesday, the Department of Telecom (DoT) declared that it has lifted limits on telecom companies providing access close to international borders. Prior to the international boundary encircling the country, operators were required to “fade out” their network signal, which called for the installation of specialised equipment. The modified regulations also eliminate security requirements that permitted unexpected operator inspection in specific places.

The DoT on Tuesday said in a circular that it was changing the lience standards to remove limits on telecom connectivity close to international border areas, a move that might increase connectivity in areas near the border.

Prior to this, the security requirements under the unified licence agreement required telecom operators to make sure that base stations, cell sites, or radio transmitters were located as far from the borders as possible in order to provide connectivity and mobile telephone services.

When approaching or about to pass an international border, operators used to be required to make sure that the radio signal “faded out” utilising technological infrastructure.

The circular also removes provisions for surprise inspections by the telecom department, the army, or security organisations to ensure adherence to the security conditions that have since been deleted. These provisions included harsh sanctions for noncompliance with the rules, including a monetary fine.

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